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EV Powertrain Design & Standard


The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, vehicles have become more autonomous & technically advanced that they are capable of higher performance, easy to optimise fuel efficiency and zero emission to prevent environment. With the help of Government initiatives and Industrial revolution the electric vehicles will become safer, economical, easy to repair and handle.

The expertise in assembly, design, battery chemistry, electric motors and advanced computer systems is becoming highly valued. The boom in EV has opened opportunities for automobile industry, entrepreneurs, R&D, employability and higher education.

Autobot India’s mission is to promote the e-Mobility across different communities worldwide. “Passion-to-Build” is a flagship certification training program of Autobot India, initiated towards promoting practical learning (Design-to-Build). The aim of program is to offer customized or standalone training programs (on-site) to the young engineers enhancing their industrial skills and value to the participants.

Autobot India provide workshop/training programs for Electric Vehicle Design and Development (2 wheeler/ 3 wheeler/ 4 wheeler), Energy Storage System, Powertrain and Battery, Vehicle Design and Development, International Automotive design.

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ABI aims to bring the state-of-the-art in design and engineering towards making smart and efficient electric vehicle to solve the challenges and building the industry ready manpower for the emerging industry requirements. 



Why to attend ?

  • Awareness and recent trends about Electric Vehicle, Architecture of Electric Vehicle Drive-train, Fundamentals of EV Power-train (Motor, Controller, Battery), Battery Management Systems, Approval Standards,

Understanding basics of Electric Vehicles. 1. Electric Vehicle Architecture 2. Working principle of different components of Electric vehicle & brief discussion on vehicle Components, Control, Battery, and dynamics. 3. Chassis ...

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Who may attend?

  • Working professionals for battery pack development, EV assembly, EV drivetrain engineer, motor design engineer etc.
  • Engineer Trainees, Quality Engineers, Supervisors, Mfg. Head, Managers etc.
  • EV concept developing or Manufacturing Entrepreneurs




All the participants will be given “Certificate of Participation issued by “Autobot Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.”


Contact Details:

Mr. Pravin Singh/ Mr. Raunak Chaudhary

Phone: +91-8860040003, +91-8860727509

Email: info@autobotindia.com; training@autobotindia.com


Note: Autobot India reserves the right to change the schedule, dates, contents, speakers, venue etc. for the programme without any notice.

Price/Fee 0.0
Days 2
Seats 25
Hours 12
Certification Yes



Gurgaon: 3rd – 4th November 2018

Pune: 10th – 11th November 2018

Bangalore:  24th – 25th November 2018



Pune ,Bangalore ,Gurgaon ,

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