Electric Vehicle Training Courses in India – A Beginner’s Guide

Electric Vehicle Training Courses – Global automotive industry has always trusted the skilled labour and technical workforce since the first Industrial Revolution. With the onset of the Electric Vehicle Revolution in the last decade, the situation has changed very little. Every country including major electrical automotive manufacturing giants like the UK and EU still employ Read More

Outcomes of the Employability Improvement Program

AUTOBOT India Employablity Program

It has been previously discussed in one of our blog pieces as to why a mere degree does not guarantee a job and how upskilling is your way to securing your dream job in the sector of EV.  In this blog, you will get to know the outcomes of pursuing the Autobot India’s Employability Improvement Read More

Upskilling Is The Way To Enhance Your Employability

Upskilling Is The Way To Enhance Your Employability by Autobot India

For a very long time, people in our country have had the notion that a “good degree” leads to a “good job”. Unfortunately, neither much attention has been paid nor much stress has been laid on the importance of acquiring and learning new or rather relevant skills that one needs to bag a job. The Read More

Global Clean Energy Technology Scenarios

The world felt the need to control pollution in different form. Specially the air pollution caused due to various power generating industries, manufacturing factories, automobiles, construction work, generators, ACs etc. This need was even felt before 22nd April 2016, a historic day on this earth where 179 countries agreed to sign Paris Agreement within the Read More

PIP Program on EV Design, Testing and Validation by Autobot India and ARAI

EV Training by Autobot India and ARAI

Autobot India brings one of a kind 4-days Proficiency Improvement Programme (PIP) on ‘Electric Vehicle (EV) Design, Validation and Certification”, in association with Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).   The PIP was focused on the design improvement and its validation in the EV Development New developments will be done in the Power Train and Read More

Recent Job Scenario in EV Industry

Recent Job Scenario in EV Industry   The International Energy Agency forecasts Electric vehicles will grow from 3 million to 125 million by 2030. According to Frost & Sullivan’s recently released “Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook 2018” global sales are braced to rise from 1.2 million in 2017 to 1.6 million in 2018 and further Read More

Build an EV in 25 days at Reva University, Bengaluru

Build an Electric Vehicle in 25 days, a national EV Boot Camp Program by Autobot India Autobot India has conducted a series of Summer Boot Camp training programs, primarily focused on practical learning and hands-on experience to manufacture a 4-wheel electric vehicle, it is one of a kind 4-week training programme to develop “Prototype EVE”, Read More

ABI Team announces Phase 2 “Summer Boot Camp 2018” at Reva University, Bengaluru

ABI Team announces Phase 2 “Summer Boot Camp 2018” at Reva University, Bengaluru ABI, an electric vehicle consultancy company has signed a cooperation agreement with Reva University Bengaluru to host the 4-week industrial training program on electric vehicle development from 9th July to 4th August 2018. The event will be attended by various academicians, administrators, Read More

Autobot India concludes “Summer Boot Camp 2018” in G.L. Bajaj, Greater Noida

Autobot India concludes the first phase of “Summer Boot Camp 2018” in G.L. Bajaj, Greater Noida where 30 participants successfully designed & manufactured 2 seaters, 4 wheeled, Electric Vehicle.   The training-workshop organized by Autobot India took place from 8th June 2018 to 4tJulyuy, 2018 at G L Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Read More

Autobot India announce Summer Boot Camp Training in G.L. Bajaj, Greater Noida

Autobot India announces Summer Boot Camp Training in G.L. Bajaj, Greater Noida where participants will design & develop Electric Vehicle during the training program. Autobot India in association with G.L. Bajaj join hands to impart practical learning education with the objective to promote Hands-on Practical Learning Approach (PLA). Greater Noida: AUTOBOT India(ABI), an electric vehicle design training Read More