ABI - A106 EV Powertrain Architecture & Application

With the emergence and drastic shift of IC to EV which has brought a lot of new technological challenges for the country. Being the responsible part of the community, we're addressing the critical challenges through our service solutions, awarness, hands on project, industry ready students and practical learning.

This one week workshop is designed for all undergraduates and diploma engineers to impart understanding of Electric vehicle powertrain architecture including motor, controller, battery, heir live demonstration and implementation into EV technology. This programme will cover deep knowledge of components at basic level. The motor selecton process and methodology, controller and battery selection. At the end the candidates will be able to learn about the challenges that occur in 4 Wheelers segment for electric vehicle and various methods and scopes to solve them.


** This program is designed at basic level, in case you are lecturer, faculty or entrepreneur and willing to participate kindly contact +91-8860040003 for registration ** 

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