• EV Certification Program

    EV Certification Program

  • Skill up in EV for the better career opportunity

    Skill up in EV for the better career opportunity

  • Join our professional certification Program

    Join our professional certification Program

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Online payment closed for batch one, Bangalore. 



The 30 days professional certification training program for the undergraduate engineers, innovators, automation & electric vehicle aspirants who are bound to learn and upgrade their skills to make more lucrative understanding of design and development of EV, working principals focusing to design & manufacturing of two-seater e-vehicle (prototype) by your own hands.

This program is highly specialized in the area of innovation, design, development, and analysis of electric vehicle using the different industrial tool and various software for designing and analysis. Participants will learn the importance of electro-mechanics, battery storage, regenerative braking system, the design of machine elements and material implementing the calculation in CAD/CAE software and electro-mechanics parameters & magnitudes.

Our training programs follow the practical approach of learning with the aim to train the engineers for the industrial workforce demand, and skill development under the guidance of our decorated trainers, and industry professionals.



The automotive industry is changing rapidly, much more quickly than at any point in the last 20 years. Cars have become so much more technologically advanced that it’s critical to understand areas outside of your field of expertise.

Manufacturing is always a challenge, and as the EV industry scales up, there is going to be a lot of room for people who can figure out how to reduce the cost of manufacturing the batteries, motors, and power electronics that are at the heart of electric cars.

A good balance of hands-on technical skills and textbook or theoretical skills will be valuable. 



ABI aims to bring the state-of-the-art in design and engineering towards making smart and efficient electric vehicle to solve the challenges and building the industry ready manpower for the emerging industry requirements. 


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Chassis Design | Suspension & Braking | Powertrain | Charging Circuit | Electric Safety | Manufacturing | Testing 



G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Reva University, Rukmini Knowledge Park, Yelahanka, Bangaluru, Karnataka. 



  • Battery Storage (Battery, Hydrogen, Ultracapacitors)
  • Customization of Battery Packs (For 2W, 3W, 4W etc)
  • Electric Vehicle Specifications
  • Regenerating Braking System
  • Battery Safety and Standards
  • Charging Infrastructure (On-Board, Off-Board, Swapping & Superchargers)
  • Battery Management System Design Approach



Why to attend ?

  • We are first to organize Industry accepted & validated certification program, experts from Mahindra Reva, BOSCH, Polaris, Lohia and others. Get chance to design & develop of working EV prototype, Industrial visit, Career counselling and grab internship opportunity and project report under ABI experts.

Understanding basics of Electric Vehicles. 1. Electric Vehicle Architecture 2. Working principle of different components of Electric vehicle & brief discussion on vehicle Components, Control, Battery, and dynamics. 3. Chassis ...

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Scope of Learning?

  • Autobot India follows 70% practical & 30% theory methodology where we focus on maximum hands on practical learning approach (PLA) by learning and developing of chassis, part design, Motor & Controller and Battery Pack Design, BMS, discussion on Industrial scenario and demand at International level. Module wise Activities & Demonstrations.

A. Fundamental Electric Motor design discussion B. Parameters listing (Heat, Torque, Efficiency, Performance, and Accuracy) C. Simple replacement of engine by Electric Machine D. Hub Motor and Tire selection process ...

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Career Opportunity

  • Autobot India certificates are widely accepted in any EV industry or any similar industry. Our programs are approved and validated by industry with unique verification code. We offer better internship opportunities for live industrial projects and placement assistance to our certified candidates*

Transmission, Suspension, and Steering system: 1. Suspension working & components analysis 2. Design of spring & shock absorbers 3. Independent & dependent suspension 4. Double wishbone suspension system design 5. ...

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Industry Scenario

  • By 2022, Indian EV industry will demand 2 million industries ready manpower, major home-grown automakers are going to extend the manufacturing facility of EV. India will be manufacturing major parts of EV under the banner of Make in India. India is the world's biggest 2-wheeler manufacturer and 5th largest four-wheeler ...

Discussion about the different international Automotive Electric Vehicle Regulations. To make students develop Teamwork, extract Leadership Qualities within them. To develop them in marketing skills like the arrangement of funds ...

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  • The program is designed for B.E./B.Tech/Diploma – Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial and Production Engineering students
  • Automotive enthusiasts (undergraduate & passed out).
  • Anyone having the passion for Automobiles and Electric Vehicle and Saving Environment.
  • Diploma Engineers interested in pursuing further studies on the part-time or full-time basis in Automotive, Electrical,   Electronics, and Mechanics sector. 



Polaris India Private Limited

Polaris Industries is an American Manufacturer of ATV, Indian Motorcycle, Electric Vehicles, Defense Utility Vehicles, and snowmobiles. Polaris Electric vehicle is a subsidiary part of Polaris which manufactures utility based Electric Vehicles.



All the participating students will be given “Certificate of Participation” and 5 students will get “Certificate of Appreciation” (on basis of an assessment taken at the end of the workshop) issued by “Autobot Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.” and approved by "Polaris India Private Limited".



1. Participation certificate will be provided after your successful completion of the training program.

2. The grade certificate shall be issued only after successful completion of the assessment.

3. Candidate must score minimum 80% for the eligibility of Grade Certificate.

4. Participation certificate does not provide any proof of your assessment completion.

5. Re-Assessment shall be conducted for the candidates who scored below 80%.

6. The weightage of each module is 20 marks.

7. In case any candidate fails to achieve the passing grade in any module, shall re-appear for the online assessment in the particular module.

8. One month grace time will be awarded to candidates falling under Rule number 5.


Detailed Grade Slab:



Assessment (Module Wise)

Total Marks = 100

100 Marks

Passing Marks = 80

80 Mark 
















Price/Fee 0.0
Days 30
Seats 30
Hours 150
Certification Yes


 Bangalore Batch one closed.
Bangalore - Batch two coming soon. 




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