Industrial Internship Certification Program 2021 - Pune


This is India's biggest and only EV Bootcamp program offered annually for engineering students and EV enthusiast which has been successfully conducted since 2016. 

A 4 week’s Industrial Internship Certification Program (IICP) on Electric Vehicle Design and Manufacturing is a domain-specific internship-cum Bootcamp program specially designed to help engineering students to give a platform for industrial internship in electric vehicle technology learning, and building the real prototype to gain the practical knowledge and globally recognised certificate.    

This IICP program has been designed by our industry’s subject experts to educate and train you on the latest electric vehicle technology from the component level to the vehicle level. The objective of the IICP is to give the hands-on learning platform to the engineering students to provide know-how knowledge with its applications to enhance the employability for industry-ready manpower and also self-employability. 

The course of this program is designed to offer a fundamental understanding of electric vehicle design approach, vehicle dynamics, powertrain working principals, powertrain specifications, vehicle development, and integration. This program is highly specialized in the area of new product development, vehicle design, and analysis of EVs using the hardware and software platforms.

The participants will learn the importance of electro-mechanics, battery pack design, energy storage system, wire harness, vehicle design and dynamics. The modules of this program are majorly focused on hands-on learning and demonstrations to give application-based learning to the participants. 


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  • Group participation discounts are available (contact us for inquiry) 
  • Limited Intake of 20 candidates per batch. Admission on only First Come First Serve basis.



  • 60% hands-on session
  • One industrial project to develop a working EV prototype 
  • To learn and develop how to build Electric Vehicle
  • Learn about Part Design, Powertrain Design Architecture, Motor & Controller, Li-Battery Pack Design and Battery Management System 
  • Discussion on industrial scenario and demand at the International level
  • Module wise activities & demonstrations
  • Industrial Delegate's guest lectures



  • By 2022, the Indian EV industry will demand 2 million industries ready manpower
  • Major home-grown automakers are going to extend the manufacturing facility of EV
  • India will be manufacturing major parts of EV under the banner of Make in India
  • India is the world's biggest 2-wheeler manufacturer and 5th largest four-wheeler manufacturer as well as consumer in the world



  • ABI certificate is an Internationally recognized ISO 29990:2010 certified by the American Board of Accreditation Services
  • Widely accepted in any EV industry or any similar industry
  • Our programs are approved and validated by the industry with a unique verification code
  • Networking and Idea sharing platform on EV Bootcamp 
  • Opportunity to meet and interact with industry experts and speakers



Since EV technology has become the present requirement of transportation to curb the pollution in our cities where there is a global shift from ICE (conventional vehicle) to EVs (electric vehicles). With the growing industry, there is a huge requirement of skilled engineers in the specific domains of the technology which demand the mixed- skill i.e. electro-mechanical or mechatronics to be best-suited skills as per the industry demand. Here, our modules are being designed taking the international skill set demand into consideration from the industry like Tesla to Ather Energy.


ABI - A306 EV Design Considerations and Methodology

  • Various types of motors and their working principles
  • Various Application of Motors in Electric Vehicle Space
  • Design and selection methodologies of motors
  • Various motor controllers and motor control techniques

Understanding of different types and charastericstic of electric vehicles 

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ABI - A306 ESS & Charging of EV's

  • Overview of Battery technology in electric vehicle application
  • Overview of Lead acid battery, Flow battery, Hydrogen fuel cell, Lithium ion, Lithium iron phosphate, Lithium titanate oxide
  • Prismatic and cylindrical cells, Cell combinations, Series and parallel connections, Cell holder/structures
  • Demontration of Battery Pack Design & BMS implimentation
  • Overview of BMS functions(Algorithms/coding), Overview of BMS/Battery test parameters, Battery thermal management system,
  • Overview of where & why BTMS required
  • How an on-board EV rectifier system works, Constant Current/ Constant Voltage characteristics
  • Wall mounted and public EV charger, Handshaking and current negotiation
  • SAE J1772 protocol, IEC62196 protocol, Chademo fast charging

A. Fundamental Electric Motor design discussion B. Parameters listing (Heat, Torque, Efficiency, Performance, and Accuracy) C. Simple replacement of engine by Electric Machine D. Hub Motor and Tire selection process ...

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ABI - A306 Wire Harness & Electrical Connections

  • CAN bus architecture for in-vehicle data transmission, CAN for charging: CHADEMO protocol,
  • Connectors used for harness design and their classification
  • High current and low current connectors, IP ratings of automotive connectors
  • Glands used in Enclosures, Automotive Fuses used in Electric Vehicles, Contactors used in Electric vehicles
  • Buck converter system
  • 12V application wiring schematics and relay usage
  • Throttle and brake types

ABI - A306 EV Development, Testing & Endurance

  • ARAI, ITAC standards for equipment and hardware approval
  • AIS standards like AIS 038, 039, 040, 041, 048, 049
  • Fabrication of 4 wheeler electric vehicle chassis
  • Integration and mounting of Powertrain, auxilary parts
  • Electrical Connections and troubleshooting
  • Final testing and Endurance of Electric Vehicle by Autobot India

Discussion about the different international Automotive Electric Vehicle Regulations. To make students develop Teamwork, extract Leadership Qualities within them. To develop them in marketing skills like the arrangement of funds ...

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  • B.E./B.Tech/Diploma – Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Production, Computer Science Engineering students
  • B.Sc/M.Sc graduates or postgraduates
  • Engineers, professionals and Intermediate level students interested in pursuing knowledge on Electric Vehicle **



All the participating students will be given a “Certificate of Participation” and a “Certificate of Training” will be awarded based on assessment grades (on basis of an assessment taken at the end of the workshop) issued by “Autobot Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.” 




5 weeks (3 weeks LIVE Demo + 2 weeks hands-on)






Yes - Autobot Grade Certification + Internship Certificate


Autobot Academy Hands-on Hub - Pune ,


Venue: Autobot Academy, Karve Road, Pune 

Pre-registration Starting From : START FROM FEBRUARY 2022


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