Advance EV Powertrain: Architecture, Integration & Testing


With the emergence and drastic shift of IC to EV which has brought a lot of new technological challenges for the country. Being the responsible part of the community, we're addressing the critical challenges through our service solutions, awareness, hands-on project, industry-ready students and practical learning.

This one week workshop is designed for all undergraduates and diploma engineers to impart an understanding of Electric vehicle powertrain architecture including motor, controller, battery, their live demonstration and implementation into EV technology. This program will cover a deep knowledge of components at a basic level. The motor selection process and methodology, controller and battery selection.


** This program is designed at a basic level, in case you are lecturer, faculty or entrepreneur and willing to participate kindly contact +91-8860040003 for registration ** 

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Trainers Profile


  • ABI follows 60% practical & 40% theory methodology
  • We focus on maximum hands on practical learning approach (PLA)
  • Learning and developing of part design, Motor & Controller and Battery Pack Design and BMS
  • Discussion on Industrial scenario and demand at International level
  • Module wise Activities & Demonstrations.


ABI - A106 Electric Vehicle Powertrain

  • Understanding Electric Vehicle
  • Components of Electric Vehicle Powertrain
  • Different powertrain combinations of EVs and Hybrid
  • Global and domestic scenarios of electric vehicle industry
  • Readiness of Indian auto industry towards electric vehicles
  • Constraints for electric vehicles in India

ABI - A106 Motor & Controllers

  • Electric vehicle configuration
  • EV architecture based on power source configuration
  • Single and multi motor drives
  • In wheel drives
  • Classification of motors
  • Motor components and its functioning
  • Selection methodology of motors
  • Practical Demonstration of motors
  • Complete Vehicle Integration
  • Vehicle Range Test

ABI - A106 Energy Storage Systems and Charging

  • Battery classification and architecture
  • Practical demonstration on battery cells
  • Battery Pack Development - Practical
  • Basic functions of BMS
  • Active and passive BMS
  • State of charge (SOC) and coulomb counting
  • Charging of Li-ion batteries
  • Electric vehicle supply equipments(EVSE)
  • EVSE protocols (SAEJ1772, IEC 62196, Chademo, CCS)


  • The program is designed for B.E./B.Tech/Diploma – Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial and Production Engineering students
  • Diploma Engineers are interested in pursuing further studies on the part-time or full-time basis in the Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanics sector. 



All the participating students will be given “Certificate of Participation” issued by “Autobot Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.”.



4500.0 + GST











Greater Noida ,Pune ,Bangalore ,


Autobot India Training Center:

Bangalore: Nov 29th - Dec 3rd, 2019 (Autobot India. Bannerghatta Road) 

Pune: Dec 13th  - 17th, 2019 (Autobot India, MIDC Pimpri)

Greater Noida: Dec 23rd - 27th, 2019 (EVTLC, Knowledge Park 3) 

Hyderabad: Dec 25th-29th, TeslaEMS, Nagarm



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