Winter Boot Camp 2019


The automotive industry is changing rapidly, much more quickly than at any point in the last 20 years. Cars have become so much more technologically advanced that it’s critical to understand areas outside of your field of expertise.

Manufacturing is always a challenge, and as the EV industry scales up, there is going to be a lot of room for people who can figure out how to reduce the cost of manufacturing the batteries, motors, and power electronics that are at the heart of electric cars. A good balance of hands-on technical skills and textbook or theoretical skills will be valuable. 



A 2-weeks professional training program for the graduate and undergraduate engineers who are keen to learn and upgrade their industrial skills to make more lucrative understanding of Electric Vehicle integration, powertrain working principals, component specifications on three wheeler electric vehicle.

This program is highly specialized in the area of powertrain, motor, controller, battery vehicle development, and different component selection criteria of 3 wheeler electric vehicle. Participants will learn the importance of electro-mechanics, battery storage, and material implementing the calculation and electro-mechanics parameters & magnitudes.



ABI aims to bring the state-of-the-art in design and engineering towards making smart and efficient electric vehicle to solve the challenges and building the industry ready manpower for the emerging industry requirements. 


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