Build an Electric Vehicle in 25 days, a national EV Boot Camp Program by Autobot India

Autobot India has conducted a series of Summer Boot Camp training programs, primarily focused on practical learning and hands-on experience to manufacture a 4-wheel electric vehicle, it is one of a kind 4-week training programme to develop “Prototype EVE”, association with our knowledge partner, REVA University, Bangalore, India. An EV prototype “EVE” was designed and developed by participants in 25 days at Reva University Campus, Bangalore, India. Participants came from India and abroad to learn “EV Design and Development” skills offered exclusively by Autobot India. The developed prototype “EVE” is a 2-seater 4- wheel electric car.


About Autobot India Pvt. Ltd.

(ABI) is a consulting company, a pioneer in electric vehicle training and development for educational institutions and corporates, automotive research and development, aerospace, defense, and motorsports. ABI has conducted an electric vehicle training programme in association with knowledge partner, Reva University in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

About REVA University

REVA University has been established under the 2012 REVA University Act. The University is located in Bengaluru on a sprawling green campus, spread over 45 acres of land, with state-of-the-art infrastructure creating an environment conducive to higher education and research. The University currently offers 24 full-time Post Graduate Programs, 5 Part-time Post Graduate programs, 21 Graduate programs, several Certificate/Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science & Technology, humanities, Management Studies, Law, Arts & Humanities and Performing Arts. Above all, the university facilitates Research leading to Doctoral Degrees in all disciplines.


The Electric vehicle training program was exclusively designed by Autobot India with a Practical Learning Approach (PLA) Model. The training program has been designed for the passionate engineers and those who come to India from abroad to participate. The program was primarily focused on the practical experience in the construction of an electric vehicle. At the end of the program, the EV was Codenamed as “EVE”. EV prototype “EVE” was designed and developed by the participants in 22 days. The developed prototype “EVE” is a 2-seater 4-wheel electric car (2-wheel drive). The design of “EVE” is an official design of Autobot India and is IP protected and the design rights can be transferred only for the learning purpose to the engineering students. This “EVE” can be further improved in design and used as a campus mobility in hospitals, yoga ashrams, corporate campuses, residential townships, university, golf course etc. The utility of “EVE” has a wide application for campus mobility, material handling.

Some specification of the EV prototype “EVE” 

Chassis: Tubular Space frame, Battery pack: 48V 52 Ah, Battery backup: 3 hrs (At full load condition), Electric Motor Spec: 48V 21A BLDC, Motor Power, Output: 900W (Rated), Motor Torque: 2.8 Nm (Rated), Final Gear ratio: 1:10, Electric Drive Range: 80 km, Max speed (Limited): 30 km/hr, Brakes: 2 X 200mm (Foot Operated Rear Drum Brakes), Wheel: 90/90 R12, Kerb weight: 180 kg, Max Payload (Including riders): 400 kg


Founder and Honourable Chancellor, REVA University Dr. P. Shyama Raju appreciate the learning concept and praised the initiatives taken by the Reva students and other participants across the globe to come together and build the electric vehicle. The Chancellor announced that she would support such innovative learning projects to be continued in Reva Campus for quality education that will help bridge the gap between industry and academia. Vice-Chancellor, REVA University Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni showed a keen interest and supported the extension of the project to the next level, developing “EVE” into a finished product. Director & Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dr. K. S. Narayanaswamy and Mr. Varadaraj K. R. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering showed their active participation in bringing more EV programs to the Reva Campus and ensured the active participation of students from different departments such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics etc. Dr. Shinu Abhi Director, Corporate Training did the imitation to introduce the EV program in Reva University, a step towards bringing future technology-driven programs into the University campus for the quality learning and Skill Development. Mr. Ashwini Tiwary Founder & CMO, Autobot India ensured REVA University to be the state-of-art in practical learning approach for EV technology and integration. Mr. Ashwini Tiwary says that “ABI is positioning itself in the education segment as a leading platform and a solution provider in advance education, supporting education institutes in developing world-class R&D infra and programs for students, research scholars, and faculties.”



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